"Director K. Elizabeth Stevens contrasts the two personalities effectively; while the two women clash, they also come to depend on each other."

~DC Metro Theater Arts


"Making the audience wonder how we express ourselves when our freedoms are gone"                                                                                               

     ~Broad Street Review


It's High Time I said Something:


"an intimate confessional"



"four sold-out performances were [a] magical mix of Graham Cracker cabaret...and a story that her alter ego, Dito van Reigersberg, cooked up with the help of...too-rarely-used director Elizabeth Stevens"

~Philadelphia Weekly


 "Cabaret at Jewish museum with Martha Graham Cracker." whyy



My Dinner with Dito:


"Direction by K. Elizabeth Stevens is perfectly paced, humorous, and sensitive."

~Debra Miller, Philadelphia Arts and Culture Correspondent


"My Dinner With Dito: A How to Be Gay Cabaret." edge media network




"Stevens likens ... Desire to 'poems or music videos of sorts.  Each one hangs out in the moment for a while.' "                                                                                         



"Director K. Elizabeth Stevens sets up an organic patchwork of personal memories and cultural references."


A Midsummer Night's Dream:


"Stevens deliberately used the dark backdrop of the woods to enhance the organic aspects of the play. The deconstruction of the barrier between the contained stage and the woods behind it introduced a sense of drifting between the physical world and fantasy."





"The weight and length of epic poetry come across fully in this 75-minute opus...Performing it returns it to life."

~The New York Times


Baby with the Bathwater:


"Baby with the proof that there are good playwrights and directors left in this world"


"Director K. Elizabeth Stevens [directs] with intuitive feeling for pace, a real understanding of Durang's deranged, quick-change style, and a striking a-symmetrical visual sense - a winning combo."


"The evening is a must-see simply for Steven's beautiful handling of the play's ending: an unexpectedly poignant moment at the end of an irreverent stomping."



Ivona, Princess of Burgundia:


"Under [stevens'] guidance the cast captured the gesture and mimicry that are essential to Gombrowicz's characters and wholeheartedly abandoned themselves to his absurdity. this peripatetic movement kept the audience engaged as Stevens deftly drew Ivona to her riotously mordant end."

~broad street review

Bee-Luther Hatchee:


"Intelligent and unsettling, Bee-Luther-Hatchee pulls off a nearly impossible trick: creating a situation in which two people, at a complete bypass, are both right and wrong at the same time."




The Doctor of Last Resort:


"The role belief plays in getting well is examined when a holistic psychiatrist is given his own tabloid talk show"





“Wedekind’s 'Spring Awakening' given new life by Franzen’s translation and Stevens’ direction.” the daily gazette